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Ex-Google Strategist Brings Connected Economy To Pet Care


Adopting a dog has become a favored coping mechanism during the last year as pet adoptions boomed during the pandemic doubling in some areas. Dogs, for a lot of people, filled a companionship void for those isolated while stuck at home.

But now, some experts are concerned that return rates are about to start spiking up, as consumers spend more time away from home and their lonely dogs are left alone more to get anxious and destructive in response. Pre-pandemic, according to ASPCA’s National Rehoming Survey , pet problems defined as bad, destructive or aggressive behaviors were the leading reason that dogs were rehomed after adoption — a trend that could pick back up for new dog owners who realize that they have not trained their canine companion nearly so well as they could have.

A very understandable condition, Companion CEO John Honchariw told PYMNTS’ Karen Webster in a recent conversation, shortly after the firm announced $8 million in seed funding last week. Training a dog is difficult, time-consuming and at times emotionally taxing work. It takes hours of repetitions to learn any skill and then lots of refresher work to make sure that a skill once trained in isn’t lost.

“Everyone’s […]

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