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Exactly how pessimistic are you about the Chinese economy? — Q&A with Anne Stevenson-Yang


Illustration by Nadya Yeh I first met Anne Stevenson-Yang in Beijing in the late 1990s when she ran the big, scary competitor to the failing startup print magazine that I was editing.

She is the co-founder of J Capital Research , which does financial and economic research in Asia. For 25 years, she lived in China, where she started and sold media and technology companies, headed up the U.S. government’s Information Technology Office, and raised a family.

But she’s not going back anytime soon.

I spoke to her by video call on May 12. This is an abridged, edited transcript of our conversation.

—Jeremy Goldkorn

You recently wrote an email to a group of which we are both members about China’s new exit controls that will make it very difficult for citizens to leave the country, ostensibly as part of stopping COVID-19 transmission. It made me think of a piece that you’d written at the beginning of this year about keeping the foreign flies out of China , and how China is isolating itself under Xí Jìnpíng 习近平. It seems to me that the restrictions on Chinese people going abroad, as you put it in your […]

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