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A new book, “Higher Education’s response to the COVID-19 Pandemic,” looks to build a more resilient and just education system. C

OVID-19 upended worldwide norms, including those in higher education. A new book published by the Council of Europe has taken stock of the ways in which various universities responded to the pandemic, with the goal of contributing to a dynamic and equitable post-COVID world.

“ Higher education’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic: Building a sustainable and democratic future ” contains 31 chapters by 43 authors from all over the world, and is theseventh book edited by leaders from the Global Cooperation for the Democratic Mission of Higher Education. Ira Harkavy , the Netter Center for Community Partnerships’ associate vice president and founding director, is the book’s co-editor. Harkavy contributed three chapters, one of which, “Chapter 7: Past, present, future: Re-thinking the social responsibility of U.S. higher education in light of Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter,” was co-written with Rita A. Hodges , Netter Center associate director.

Penn Today talked with Harkavy to discuss social responsibility at Penn, the democratic purpose of higher education, and the role of universities in a post-pandemic world moving forward into the “next normal.”

What role can […]

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