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Exploring the Intersection of Genomic Data and AI in Healthcare


From recommended movies and shows based on what you’ve watched, to playlists tailored to your specific taste, it seems nearly every industry has tapped into the power of targeted products and services.

In healthcare, however, attaining personalization is a slow, often complex process. The considerable promise of precision medicine can be overshadowed by the many barriers that hold individualized treatments just out of reach.

Chief among these barriers is the ability to capture, analyze, and leverage patient genomic data.

Combined with clinical, pharmaceutical, and lifestyle information, genomic data can help providers discover early signs of disease or determine an individual’s risk of developing disease. Genomics can point to the underlying causes of clinical changes, leading to more personalized, effective treatments.

But this information is intricate, and the field of genomics is rapidly advancing. Providing genomic data to clinicians at the point of care in a clear, comprehensible way is still a big challenge for many health systems, leaving precision medicine largely in the realm of the hypothetical.

As the industry struggles to make sense of genomic data – and incorporate this information into routine clinical care – researchers and provider organizations are increasingly using artificial intelligence to obtain actionable insights from genomic information.“We look […]

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