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Facebook wants to grow its creator economy


Facebook is reallocating resources from its News tab product and its newsletter platform, Bulletin, to focus more on its creator economy, according to The Wall Street Journal .

Its News products rely on paid content from professional journalists and publishers. That’s different from, say, news articles people sometimes see on their feed — not on the actual News tab — which are usually shared by friends.

This is a topic for “Quality Assurance,” our weekly segment where we take a second look at a big tech story. Marketplace’s Kimberly Adams speaks with Keach Hagey, author of that Wall Street Journal article. The following is an edited transcript of their conversation.

Keach Hagey: This week, Facebook told the teams that were making these two products that it was going to be putting them on the back burner. And these products have the common quality that Facebook pays journalists to put that content on its platform. And both of these are things that it wants to move away from because it wants, No. 1, not to have to pay for news. And No. 2, to chase competitors like TikTok who have been cultivating these creators and influencers.

Kimberly Adams: How popular were these […]

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