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Facing Climate Change Head-On with Live Environmental Monitoring


Facing climate change head-on with live environmental monitoring is a problem to which greenhouse gases (GHGs) are the most significant contributors.

Among the most severe concerns are carbon dioxide (CO2), followed by carbon monoxide (CO), nitrogen oxide (NO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2), and ozone (O3), all of which are harmful to human health.

Of these, CO2 is the primary greenhouse gas created by human activity which needs to be monitored, tracked, and reduced. Tackling climate change

When you consider that the world’s cities collectively account for more than 70% of global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions, you can see why they are so crucial in the fight to reduce emissions and keep climate change under control.

When calculating CO2 and other greenhouse gas emissions, it is common to start with consumption statistics – how much fuel factories, families, and traffic have consumed in a given period – and then extrapolate from there. Often, this material is only made public after a year or two of investigation.

Facing climate change head-on with live environmental monitoring of greenhouse gas concentrations in the atmosphere would be possible. The utilization of a large number of sensors in a dense, evenly-spaced network would not only offer an up-to-date image […]

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