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Fake cop allegedly attacked gay & bi men with a chemical


A man allegedly pretended to be a police officer so that he could order gay and bi men around at a park and then spray them with a chemical according to the Justice Department.

A federal grand jury has indicted Michael Thomas Pruden, 48, of Virginia with five counts of assault on federal land, one count of impersonating a federal officer and a hate crimes sentencing harassment due to alleged anti-gay bias.

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Federal prosecutors believe that Pruden went to Meridian Hill Park in D.C. at night to find men who were cruising other men. He pretended be a Park Police officer and shined a flashlight in the faces of his victims and barked “police style directives” at them before spraying at least five of them with a chemical irritant. The Justice Department hasn’t said what that chemical irritant was.

The indictment says that Pruden attacked four of his victims because of their real or perceived sexual orientation.

He could get up to 10 years in jail for each assault charge and three years for impersonating a federal officer. The sentence could be even longer if the hate crimes enhancement is […]

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