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Fighting Climate Change With Big Data: Clir And SINAI Technologies


Data networks coordinating commercial rooftop solar arrays When you think about solving the climate crisis, what springs to mind?

Most people’s knee-jerk reaction is along the lines of “electrification,” “carbon sequestration,” “recycling,” or “renewable agriculture.”

While not many think of phrases like “big data” or “artificial intelligence,” several recent conversations have convinced me how important these fields are to helping our civilization thrive and survive into the next century.

The two founder / CEOs with whom I have had the pleasure to speak recently use AI in very different ways and in completely different fields, but it is clear that the ubiquity of cheap computing power, combined with smart engineers and focused, visionary entrepreneurs represents a formidable force in helping us mitigate and adapt to today’s harsher, more challenging post-climate world.

The companies featured in this article are Clir and SINAI Technologies . Clir

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