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Five key barriers to healthcare access in the United States


To address systemic inequity, health systems need to confront and overcome a number of healthcare barriers to patients receiving quality and equitable care. To address systemic inequity, health systems need to confront and overcome several barriers to healthcare and enable patients to receive quality and equitable care.

According to a new Deloitte report , by 2040, the cost America pays for its barriers to healthcare access could surpass $1 trillion. The report analyzes impacts across several “high-cost diseases,” including cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

The most alarming cost is the number of lives at stake. Many people can’t afford to see the doctor; some do not even have one nearby. Addressing these and other top barriers to healthcare access has become mission-critical across the care continuum. But as stakeholders are learning, it won’t be easy.

Healthcare disparities exist across a spectrum of financial, geographic, cultural and social challenges. As leaders assess their roadmaps toward more equitable care, they should consider multifactorial solutions for these multifactorial problems. The challenges are myriad, but five are especially concerning for the years ahead. 1. Insufficient insurance coverage

A lack of insurance often contributes to a lack of healthcare. This challenge is dire and far-reaching : […]

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