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Fix the ‘This PC can’t run Windows 11’ error: The solutions we’ve found so far


If you saw that your PC is not compatible with Windows 11, it may be because your system doesn’t have two security settings turned on, Secure Boot and TPM 2.0. Here’s how to do it. Microsoft started a phased rollout of Windows 11 last week. But you probably won’t get Windows 11 just yet. If you’re planning on downloading the new OS on your existing PC, you might run into some speed bumps due to the system requirements for the new operating system. (Here’s how to download Windows 11 and how to create a Windows 11 install drive .)

If you’ve tried installing Windows 11 Insider Preview or using the Microsoft PC Health Check app and were greeted with an error message reading, “This PC can’t run Windows 11,” your system might not have two essential security settings turned on: Secure Boot and TPM 2.0. (Here are two other things you must do before downloading Windows 11 .) Many modern computers and processing chips from Intel and AMD have these features built in, and both are now required for all machines running Windows 11.

Once you’ve downloaded the PC Health Check app, you can click Check Now to begin the scanning […]

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