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Florida moves forward with proposal to block gender-affirming healthcare for transgender youths


[ { “name”: “Ad – NativeInline – Injected”, “component”: “12461396”, “insertPoint”: “3”, “requiredCountToDisplay”: “5” },{ “name”: “Real 1 Player (r2) – Inline”, “component”: “12436357”, “insertPoint”: “2/3”, “requiredCountToDisplay”: “9” } ] A protester marches with the trans and pride flag in St. Petersburg, Florida on June 28, 2020. – Dave Decker The Florida Board of Medicine is slated Friday to consider a proposal by Gov. Ron DeSantis’ administration to bar physicians from providing treatments such as hormone therapy and puberty-blocking medication to transgender youths.

The state Department of Health last week filed a petition asking the board, which regulates medical doctors, to start a rule-making process on the contentious issue. The move came as the state Agency for Health Care Administration also plans to prevent the Medicaid program from covering such treatments for gender dysphoria.

The petition, which is on the agenda for a Board of Medicine meeting in Broward County, proposes what is known as a “standard of care” that would prohibit patients under age 18 from receiving sex-reassignment surgery and puberty-blocking, hormone and hormone “antagonist” treatments. It also would require that older patients sign a consent form and then wait 24 hours before starting such treatments.

Signed by Department of Health […]

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