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Floridians will first feel climate change effects in their property insurance bills | Opinion

Climate change means more-powerful hurricanes, and in Florida, that in turn means the likelihood of increased insurance premiums as property insurers take losses in the state year after year. As part of its series “The Business of Climate Change,” which highlights the climate views of business men and women throughout the state, The Invading Sea spoke with Andrew Stevenson, senior research analyst with Voloridge Investments and adviser for the VoLo Foundation.

First of all, can you briefly explain what your company does and how it relates to climate change?

We are a hedge fund here in Jupiter, Florida. I manage a hedge fund portfolio that’s directly related to climate called the Climate Change Fund. So, we are creating strategies and making investment decisions around what is either happening to the climate today with respect to the damages of climate change or how we are trying to fix the problem over time.

The climate itself is obviously changing pretty rapidly, and we’re seeing a lot of the damages related to climate change becoming pocketbook issues. Next year, you’re probably going to see your insurance premiums go up. Andrew Stevenson is a senior research analyst with Voloridge Investments and adviser for the […]

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