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For all its perils, climate change could make Maine’s frigid interior more hospitable


A view of the landscape from Rockwood, Maine. Over the last several years, much thought has been put into how Maine should respond to the challenges of climate change. But what about its potential benefits? Scientists say it’s possible that by mid-century, parts of the state could see some good things come from climate change, such as milder, easier winters, lower mortality rates and an increasing population.

One national model has put Piscataquis County among the top five climate-advantaged areas in the nation. This story is part of our series ” Climate Driven: A deep dive into Maine’s response, one county at a time .”

Some scientists are predicting that over the coming decades life could get markedly easier in interior New England — including Maine’s highlands — thanks to global warming. The analysis involves several factors, but the most important is warmer, shorter winters.

Because in interior Maine, cold is a killer.

“Any way that climate change reduces the number of cold days each year, it’s going to lower your death rate,” says James Rising, a member of the Climate Impact Team.

The Climate Impact Team is an international research consortium that tries to turn climate data into useful models of […]

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