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I spent the first 16 years of my career in corporate industry leading marketing and communications for information technology consulting and products. When I pivoted to higher education in 2009, I was somewhat surprised, even though my tech colleagues had warned me, that higher education typically was not an early adopter of automated software to make workflows easier and to generate data for useful analysis.

Large universities in particular had been collecting big data for a long time, but administrative offices had no idea how to harness them. Upon my arrival I asked questions that included lots of acronyms that were unfamiliar to my new colleagues but that rolled right off my tongue, such as, “What do you mean we don’t have a CRM?” I ended up leading my university’s first-ever search for an email marketing software solution to engage with its nearly one-quarter of a million living alumni and to manage an alumni email list that was not simply stored in a Microsoft Access database on a desktop computer in someone’s office.

Fast-forward a decade and the college communications offices of yesteryear have transformed from press release-writing news bureaus (remember when we printed press releases on paper and left them […]

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