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FP Healthcare Snapshot Takes Deeper Dive into Industry Attitudes Related to Economic Uncertainty


The news that the economy has shrunk for a second straight quarter likely comes as no surprise to businesses in the healthcare sector. After all, the results of our FP Flash Survey on Economic Uncertainty revealed that healthcare employers are more likely to be cautious than the average employer, demonstrating that they have been seeing the warning signs for some time now in an industry that is well-acquainted with navigating through tight economic circumstances. This Snapshot takes a closer look at the survey findings as they relate to the healthcare industry to provide employers an opportunity to get a better feel for what their peers across the country are doing.

More Likely to Shrink Workforce

The first piece of survey data that stands out is that healthcare employers are twice as likely to shrink (or have shrunk) their workforce in 2022 than the average business. 25% of healthcare employers are looking to reduce their employee roster compared to just 13% of all employers. In fact, healthcare employers have the second-highest rate of planned reductions among all industries, exceeded only by the tech sector.

Suggested Plan for Dealing with Reductions

We recommend you review our recent Insight on the […]

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