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From an Attention Economy to a Values-Driven Economy


(kate.sade via Unsplash, modified by CoinDesk) If a non-fungible token ( NFT ) community that is organized as a decentralized autonomous organization ( DAO ) has thousands of community members, each contributing and earning rewards, claiming bounties and building – are participants engaging in a new form of work? What if they share a common cause?

As counterintuitive as it sounds at the end of a NFT hype-cycle, the success of digital communities will hinge on affinity and values over attention and control. This is the type of value – and community-driven work Web3 excels at.

Yes, the current version of the web has fostered digital communities and other forms of social organization unconstrained by geographical limitation. Social media platforms, especially, have extended our capacity to connect with others who share our views, interests and goals via attention markets and matchmaking algorithms.

However, incumbent technology platforms – like Twitter and Facebook – have scaled us past Dunbar’s number in terms of coordination but not for cooperation. (This is to say nothing of how “platform capitalists” generate revenue from our attention and data, rather than letting it accrue to individuals or groups.)

The inventor of smart contracts , Nick Szabo, also had interesting ideas […]

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