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From police candidate tests to historic redlining, what’s holding back minorities in Akron?

The written and physical tests required to become a police officer in Akron may be excluding Black and minority candidates from pursuing a career in law enforcement.

Akron is still reeling from the effects of historic redlining in the 1960s.

And the city of Akron needs to rethink how it communicates with English language learners, who comprise a growing portion of the city’s population as Northeast Ohio is home to a burgeoning immigrant and refugee population.

These were among the findings that subcommittees of the city of Akron’s Racial Equity and Social Justice Task Force subcommittees shared while presenting their first quarter reports during this week’s task force meeting.

The six subcommittees — which focus on communications, criminal justice, housing, equitable workforce and job creation, education and public health — identified each of their key areas of concern, grounded in research and data, and began to brainstorm possible actions and recommendations to address those concerns.

The reports are the first of three reports and recommendations that the subcommittees will present to the task force’s executive committee. The executive committee will, in turn, incorporate those recommendations into its final policy recommendations and a five-year plan to overcome racial equity issues in the city of Akron.The […]

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