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From The Attention Economy To The Creator Economy: A Paradigm Shift


Ciao Attention Economy, Hello Creator Economy: Why creators and their communities are leading us … [+] We are at the beginning of the end of an era. The Attention Economy—the ad-based revenue model that has dominated the creative industries in the 21st century and made the incumbent social platforms some of the most valuable tech companies in the world—has paved the way for its own demise.

The Creator Economy—made up of the platforms, marketplaces and tools democratizing creative expression and entrepreneurship; empowering an independent creative class to make a living on their passions—represents a paradigm shift.

Over the last decades, we’ve gone from a material-based economy, to a digital and information-based. In the 2000s, as the amount of information exploded, our attention became more scarce and valuable and many digital products and services were made free in exchange for selling our attention and personal information to advertisers.

As the tired saying about free and ad-supported products goes, ‘if you aren’t paying for a product, you are the product.’ Companies have their customers best interest in mind and in the Attention Economy that doesn’t necessarily refer to the users creating or consuming content. And so the bills for the presumably free products started […]

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