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Frontier internet review: Beware, customer service


Frontier provides both DSL and fiber-optic service and has a presence in 38 states. It offers fiber internet in just five of those: California, Idaho, Oregon, Texas, and Washington. These areas are typically ignored by other fiber-optic internet providers , so Frontier may be your only option for wicked fast speeds.

The company pairs its plans with no contracts and no data limits — perfect for a household of streamers, gamers, or people working from home. However, its customer service rates worse than every other provider on the market. And in an already tumultuous landscape, that’s a pretty daunting feat.

If Frontier’s value and packages match your household’s needs, prepare for potentially frustrating service and watch your bill closely. Pros

West Coast availability

No data limits

No contracts Cons Poor customer service Limited bundling options View Now at Frontier Frontier internet plans and prices Frontier offers speed plans for every lifestyle Plan Package Price Download/Upload Speed Connection Type Best for Frontier Preferred Internet $35/mo 12-25 Mbps DSL Light streamer 50/50 Mbps Internet $30/mo 50 Mbps Fiber Light online gamers 500/500 Mbps Internet $40/mo 500 Mbps Fiber House of multitaskers Data effective 03/24/2020 * Package availability depends on location, prices […]

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