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Future Horizons: Visions toward Democratizing Our Economy


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Editors’ note: This article is from the Summer 2022 issue of the Nonprofit Quarterly , “Owning Our Economy, Owning Our Future. ”

It’s thrilling to see how much interest there is in building democratic futures that center people, communities, solidarity, and ecology in our economic system. We (the coauthors of this article) have been engaged in just that for the past twenty-plus years. We have a close, wide, and deep perspective on the emergence of a more democratic economy. Indeed, we have some thoughts about the next horizon of that work.

For the past decade, the primary questions for those seeking to expand the democratic economy in the United States have focused on scale: “Are we capable of larger projects?” “Is it possible to scale elements like worker cooperatives, participatory budgeting, community land trusts, and nonextractive finance?”

Such questions are inadvertently limiting. We’ve known for years that the solidarity economy can scale, and yet too much energy that could have been channeled into developing it has instead been devoted to raising awareness and producing data about whether that leap is even possible. We don’t mean to imply […]

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