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Gaining Perspective: How Close Cross-Race Friendships Impact Diversity Training and Education

CU Denver Management Assistant Professor Dr. Kyle Ehrhardt co-published a study examining pre-training factors that influence the effectiveness of diversity education.

With an increasingly diverse workforce, most organizations and universities recognize the value of diversity training and education. However, there are unanswered questions regarding whether these trainings are effective and who it impacts the most. Are there other factors to consider in determining how effective these trainings are, including pre-training experiences, attitudes, and characteristics? Are there specific techniques that can be used to optimize these trainings for students and employees?

The study, by CU Denver Management Assistant Professor Dr. Kyle Ehrhardt and University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Management Professor Dr. Belle Rose Ragins, seeks to answer these questions.

The Importance of Perspective-Taking and Cross-Race Friendships on Diversity Training and Education

Perspective-taking is the ability to consider alternative points of view and see the world from another’s perspective. This skill is considered critical for developing inclusive organizations, as it increases one’s ability to recognize racial inequalities and decreases their biases, prejudice, and stereotyping.

Ragins and Ehrhardt conducted field studies in organizations and academic settings to examine whether the diversity courses increased participants’ perspective-taking abilities and their attitudes and beliefs about the importance of perspective-taking […]

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