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Gay tech CEO charged for the third time in 1992 murder case


arrest, police, handcuffs, officers, police officers Readytech’s president and CEO John Kevin Woodward has been arrested and charged with the 1992 murder of 25-year-old Laurie Houts. This is the third time Woodward has faced charges in connection to the death of Houts, having been tried for the crime twice already in the late 1990s. Both times, a jury failed to convict the 58-year-old.

Woodward was arrested July 9 at JFK airport after returning from the Netherlands, where he has lived since his second trial ended in a judge dismissing the case due to insufficient evidence in 1996. He will be returned to Santa Clara County and arraigned.

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According to a release from the Santa Clara district attorney’s office , Houts was found dead in her vehicle in 1992. The rope used to strangle her was still around her neck and there was evidence of a struggle.

The DA alleges that Woodward had developed an unrequited romantic attachment to Houts’s boyfriend, Woodward’s then roommate, and was “openly jealous” of her. Woodward’s fingerprints were found on the outside of Houts’s car, but investigators were unable to show that he was […]

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