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“Gays Against Groomers” Jaimee Michell compares trans health care to Nazi human experiments


“Gays Against Groomers” Jaimee Michell Photo: Screenshot Out anti-LGBTQ activist Jaimee Michell, who goes by “Gays Against Groomers” on social media, compared gender-affirming health care to Nazi experiments performed by Josef Mengele.

“What’s happening now would make you know, I think Josef Mengele, I believe that was his name, you know, the Nazi doctor,” Michell said on the One America News Network (OANN), a far-right channel. “He, you know, this puts him to shame. They are basically using an entire generation of children as lab rats for this sick ideology.”

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Mengele, who was called the “Angel of Death,” is notorious for his deadly experiments on Auschwitz prisoners during World War II. Even other Nazi doctors were horrified by his apathy towards human life and sadism.

The Nazis were opposed to LGBTQ identities and, in fact, destroyed Magnus Hirschfeld’s Institute of Sexology – which did pioneering work on understanding LGBTQ identities, including transgender people – years before the onset of World War II. So it’s bizarre that Michell would say that her opponents are like Nazis when this issue puts them on the opposite side.

She said that she has to […]

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