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Gen Z’s Impact on the Economy Is Leading To Major Changes With Credit, Investing and More


Pekic / Although the oldest among them are barely in their mid-20s, Gen Z has already transformed American culture and the economy — and they’re just getting started. Gen Z’s fervent social activism is sometimes mistaken for socialism, but in reality, the youngest Americans are proving incredibly adept at using the free market to their advantage.

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“Contrary to popular belief, Gen Z actually puts more faith in capitalism than millennials do,” said Elliot Padfield, a senior partner at Padfield Media , a Gen Z-focused ad agency.

From advertising and investing to self-branding and issue-conscious spending, Gen Z’s fingerprints are all over the economy of the only century they’ve ever really known.

“Gen Z is defined by its status as the first truly digital-native generation, with even the oldest of the set unable to remember a time before cell phones and widespread internet access,” said Macy Gilliam , an international business management student and a Gen Zer herself. “This is absolutely fundamental to understanding everything else about them.”
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