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Gerard Gibert: Domestic Tech Sector Ensures Strong Economy


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America’s resiliency is being put to the test. Between record-high inflation, increasing cyberattacks and the rising cost of living, America’s economy and national security need to be strengthened, not weakened, to withstand these uncertain times.

To keep our economy and national security strong, we need to turn to our domestic tech sector – a critical driver of economic growth and job creation and key player in our defense strategy.

However, anti-innovation legislation being considered in Congress would do just the opposite – adding to the economic hardships families are facing and making it more difficult for hardworking Americans to get by. The legislation could also open up the United States to more cyberattacks at the hands of our foreign adversaries.

If passed, this misguided legislation would have an economic cost of $319 billion that consumers would have to bear, resulting in higher prices and the loss of access to free and valued services. In fact, a recent study found that economists don’t believe that anti-innovation legislation “could successfully reduce U.S. inflation.”

On top of this, the bill puts pensions and retirement benefits of more than 200,000 Mississippi […]

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