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Getting ready: Climate change and its effects on birds


York Ready for Climate Action They are among us every day, leading parallel lives, so unassuming that we sometimes fail to notice their beauty and grace. We absorb their chirps and quacks and songs and take for granted their contributions to our lives.

Without birds our mornings would be silent, our farms, forests and wetlands barren, our compact with nature broken. Nevertheless, destruction of bird habitats and stresses on species reproduction are part of the long list of calamitous results of climate change.

As subjects, birds are easy to watch and thus available for study as indicators of climate change. They carry out all sorts of tasks that benefit humans: pest control, seed dispersal, pollination.

The bird population in the Western Hemisphere is impressive. There are 3,445 species in South America, 1,230 in Central America, 2,059 in North America and 464 species In Maine.

Late autumn birdwatching: Birders say you should look for these feathered friends

Maine is a top breeding ground in the United States, especially in coastal and offshore waters. Iconic species are Warblers, Snowy Owls, Atlantic Puffins and Chickadees.Birds are harbingers – early predictors of change. Because of their ability to migrate more easily than other animals, many are […]

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