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Girls are caught in squabble between cis athlete advocates and trans inclusion activists

AP Photo Rick Bowmer A proposed ban on transgender athletes playing female school sports in Utah would affect transgender girls like this 12-year-old swimmer seen at a pool in Utah on Monday, Feb. 22, 2021. She’s far from the tallest girl on her team, and has worked hard to improve her times but is not a dominant swimmer in her age group, her coach said. “Other than body parts I’ve been a girl my whole life,” she said. It’s been a rough year for the transgender community in general and trans athletes in particular.

Even before states started banning trans student-athletes en masse, the backlash to President Joe Biden’s day one executive order signaling federal support for trans athletes seemed inevitable. Numerous prominent Republican figures from the former president to Sens. Rand Paul and Mitt Romney have utilized talking points that combined a lack of scientific understanding with transphobic language.

Within two weeks of that executive order, a new initiative called the Women’s Sports Policy Working Group was launched, promising a “science-based, ethical approach [that aims] to establish middle ground that both protects girls’ and women’s sport and accommodates transgender athletes.”

The prominent presence of Martina Navratilova as a co-founder of the […]

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