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Girls & Gunmetal: The Power of Women in International Politics and the Military

Women have long been excluded from the field of international relations and its associated institutions – this ranges from politics to the military, to even social spheres. This is extremely unreasonable. Not simply because women make up 49.6% of the world’s population, but because there have been hundreds of women throughout history that bring success to their respective nations. The exclusion of women is the outcome of several factors. Some say that women are too emotional to hold a public office or be a relevant figure in the military. Others argue that women are simply less capable than men to succeed in positions of power – a perception some women hold as a result of the male-dominated political, economic, social, and military spheres. Some scholars have even turned to biology as the be-all and end-all reason as to why women are “less aggressive” – and therefore less competent – than men.

I argue under the lens of feminist international relations that women are just as capable as men to succeed in politics and the military. The barriers that women have faced in the field of IR are outdated and sexist. The inquiries surrounding biological relevance and patriarchal culture should not […]

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