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‘Glacier blood’ in French Alps are potential markers of climate change, say scientists

File image: Scientists believe ‘glacier blood’ could be an indicator of worsening climate crisis The French Alps glaciers are spotted with red stains that look like blood, making miles of snow look like sites of massacres, in what scientists are calling a sign of worsening climate crisis.

The phenomenon called “glacier blood” is caused by microalgae which is interacting with pollutants and climate change , causing the red stains, said a recent study published in Frontiers in Plant Science.

A group of scientists in Grenoble, France, carried out a study titled AlpAlga in the mountains, 3,280 to 9,842 feet above sea level, to understand alpine algae that causes red snow, and can act as a “potential markers of climate change.”

Much like the microalgae that inhabit oceans, lakes and rivers, snow-borne microalgae help form the base of the food web of a mountainous ecosystem and likely react to pollution and climate change in a similar fashion, Eric Maréchal, a coordinator of the AlpAlga consortium, was quoted by Live Science as saying. Mr Maréchal is also a director of the Laboratory of Cellular and Plant Physiology, a research facility in Grenoble, France.

The algae that turn snow red are actually green algae, he […]

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