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Glimmers of Hope in Higher Education Fundraising


Caleb Kenna for the Chronicle Lately I’ve been thinking about the first stories I wrote about Covid-19. In the last week before the Chronicle went remote last March, my editor put a hold on my calendar to meet in a conference room with other reporters to discuss coverage of the virus. The calendar event just said “Coronavirus.” I remember reading the notification before the meeting: “Coronavirus, in 15 minutes.”

That I once needed a reminder to think about Covid-19 seems absurd. Like most people, I spend the majority of my days thinking about the virus, how it’s transformed society and our lives, and what lies ahead.

Covid -19 has reshaped fundraising, too, of course, but our recent reporting reveals signs of hope. A new study shows higher education fundraisers feel hopeful. Sixty-six percent of chief advancement officers, vice presidents, and associate vice presidents said they expected their institution to meet its fundraising goals for fiscal year 2021. Among gift and alumni officers, that share was 62 percent. Get the full take in College Fundraisers’ Confidence Continues to Be on the Upswing .

Another bright spot: Capital projects are returning to the top of college fundraisers’ to-do lists. Earlier surveys in April, June, […]

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