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Global Conservatives and the Myth of a Climate Change Debate


On Saturday, the Canadian Conservative Party voted down a recent proposal for the party to become more green-friendly, rejecting stances such as “Canadian businesses classified as highly polluting need to take more responsibility” and “climate change is real.”

Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole was seen Friday urging his colleagues to be more open-minded, believing that the party’s failure to recognize the scientific consensus behind human-caused climate change would hurt their chances to challenge the Liberal Party coalition and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the next election. But the 54 to 46 percent vote is the latest affirmation of the enduring conservative trend to reject modern climate realities.

The Canadian decision is the latest development in a much larger problem. Conservatives across the globe are continuing to rally behind a scientifically debunked claim that climate change isn’t happening. In the United States, conservative politicians — none of whom are scientists themselves — discredit and question prominent and reliable climate change researchers. In Germany, right-wing party officials pass out scientifically inaccurate pamphlets at student activist rallies.

If conservatives don’t get up to speed soon, they risk slipping further into the irrelevance of their old ways.

The “debate” over climate change is a myth that conservative leaders […]

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