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Google Health UX lead on designing EHRs that work for clinicians


Melissa Strader, UX manager at Google Health Given that existing health IT tools – especially electronic health records – notoriously are not very user-friendly, many healthcare information technology vendors are spending time and resources designing IT that makes clinicians happy.

One such vendor, Google Health, recently introduced Care Studio, software designed to streamline healthcare information for clinicians. It brings together information from different EHRs, and lets doctors and nurses browse and search in one streamlined interface.

Google Health has a wide array of IT design expertise. Healthcare IT News has tapped that expertise, interviewing Melissa Strader, UX manager at the company. She discusses keys for designing EHRs for clinicians, getting past tech fatigue, understanding clinician behavior and workflows, and machine learning’s role in EHR design.

Q. What are some keys for designing EHRs for clinicians, given current tools are often not very user-friendly?

A. In the last few decades, health IT solutions have done a great job at digitizing healthcare information and processes. Today’s EHRs are powerful tools and are built to address many needs, including supporting hospital administrators, IT teams, billing departments and more.

This can make it challenging for clinicians to quickly find the information they need at the […]

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