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Google’s new subsea cable to handle data surge between US, Brazil, Argentina

A ship lays down a Google undersea cable Google is building a new subsea cable to get your megabits from Boston to Buenos Aires and back. The fiber optic line, called Firmina after a Brazilian abolitionist, is due to start operations in 2023 with links between the eastern United States, Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina, Google said Wednesday.

“Internet infrastructure is not in the cloud, it’s under the ocean,” said Bikash Koley, vice president of global networking at Google. Firmina is the 16th submarine cable Google has built or invested in. “The internet is still growing steadily year over year. I expect that train to continue,” he said. Power up your Android

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Adding capacity is important to accommodate consumer services like search, Gmail and YouTube, and business infrastructure like Google Cloud. About 98% of international data travels on submarine cables draped across the bottom of oceans and seas, Google said, and Google Meet videoconferencing surged by a factor of 25 when the coronavirus pandemic struck.

As it does with its daily Google Doodles , Google pays homage to notable figures with its submarine cable names. This cable is […]

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