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Got $500? 3 Absurdly Cheap Healthcare Stocks That Are Set to Skyrocket


There are some incredible deals in biotech right now. Three contributors think Adaptimmune Therapeutics ( ADAP -2.94%), G1 Therapeutics ( GTHX 4.66%), and Axsome Therapeutics ( AXSM 6.11%) are on the verge of a big move over the next couple of years. A biotech ripe for a takeover

George Budwell (Adaptimmune Therapeutics): Clinical-stage biotech stocks have taken a beating in 2022. Investors have largely rotated out of this group of equities due to the unfavorable mix of rising interest rates, geopolitical turmoil, and of course, the constant risk of capital dilution. Developmental-stage biopharmas, after all, tend to rely heavily on stock sales to fund their operations. And with so many other headwinds at play right now, investors have seemingly decided that dilution simply isn’t worth the hassle.

It isn’t all doom and gloom for clinical-stage bios, however. This constant downward pressure on the group appears to be creating a buyer’s market for larger biopharmas on the hunt for undervalued assets. As one example, French drugmaker Ipsen recently scooped up the struggling cancer specialist Epizyme for a paltry $247 million. Adaptimmune Therapeutics could be the next beaten-down cancer company to fetch a bid.

Adaptimmune is presently gearing up to file a […]

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