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Great power politics is back with a twist


This year made it clear that the US-China strategic competition is not merely the figment of Donald Trump’s imagination It has become a cliché to suggest that the Covid-19 pandemic has had a transformative impact on global politics. Indeed, for a health issue to be at the centre of international political cross-currents is a rare development, though pandemics in the past too have changed the global calculus to a considerable degree. For all the debate on the changing nature of security for the last several decades, it took the onslaught of Covid-19 to make the world realise that the so-called non-traditional security issues are actually rather traditional. And as the world continues to grapple with a health crisis that has morphed into a wealth crisis, policymakers are having to re-evaluate their assumptions to a significant extent.

But international politics has a logic of its own too. With or without the pandemic, the tectonic plates of the post-1945 global order had begun to shift. In more ways than one, Covid-19 has merely accelerated the trends that were already visible before the devastation from Wuhan struck us last year. Great power politics doesn’t really need a pandemic to reveal itself. China’s rise […]

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