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Group for Christian moms attacks Gillette for ads depicting women who shave


A model shaving in a Gillette Venus commercial Photo: Screenshot/YouTube One Million Moms is an evangelical astroturf group funded by the American Family Association (AFA), which is a certified anti-LGBTQ hate group. They are known for decrying “cancel culture” while launching continuous nonstop “boycotts” of various companies that offend their delicate sensibilities.

Despite the group’s name, the organization is now on the attack against people that shave, denouncing an “obscene” ad by Gillette promoting their Gillette Venus line of razors and other products specifically made for shaving pubic hair.

“The current “How to Shave ‘Down There’” commercial by Gillette Venus shows a woman explaining and demonstrating how to shave her bikini line,” One Million Moms staffer Monica Cole claims in an email blast sent out yesterday .

“While the woman is posing in her shaving position the camera zooms in for close-up shots of her bikini line as she discusses shaving between her legs. The advertisement features several shaving products by Gillette and a new razor designed for this purpose. The ad concludes with the woman stating, ‘Fancy skin care for my pubic hair? Yes, please!’”

Gillette’s most recent 15-second spot uploaded online does not depict what Cole or the group describes, so […]

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