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Hate preacher says letting women preach in church is “spitting in the face of God”


Pastor Dillon Awes Photo: Screenshot Pastor Dillon Awes of the Stedfast Baptist Church in Hurst, Texas told his congregation that allowing a woman to preach in church is like “spitting in the face of God.” His sermon preceded a similar statement from the Southern Baptist Convention that was released today.

Stedfast is one of the most hateful churches in the country, and its pastors have repeatedly called for death to LGBTQ people. Awes himself has preached about “ the solution for the homosexual ,” which was murder. He called for every gay man to “be lined up against the wall and shot in the back of the head” this past June.

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Now he’s making it clear that he believes that women should not be able to speak in church.

“It is a complete shame for a congregation to allow a woman to preach to them the word of God,” Awes said.

He brought up a nearby megachurch where a woman preached recently. “Talk about having no respect for yourself! Talk about being a complete shame!”“It’s blasphemous to God’s word,” he said. “You might as well just be spitting in the […]

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