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Have a better 2022 with these tech resolutions


Like clockwork, at the end of every year, people around the world sit down and make resolutions for the new one: lose weight, meditate, save money.

Maybe this year it’s time to take stock of your tech life. Perhaps you’ve been getting a persistent note that your storage is full, or you simply want to feel less stressed by the onslaught of breaking news.

Here are some digital resolutions that you might want to consider adopting in 2022. With any luck, they’ll make your life a little happier, safer, and, dare we say, better.

Get multifactor authentication already. Two-step verification can be annoying. Sometimes you just want to type your password and be done with it, without having to then input some gibberish or a random set of numbers sent by email or text. But our senior editor for cybersecurity, Patrick Howell O’Neill, says switching on multifactor authentication is his top advice for people interested in guarding their online accounts. “It’s the easiest way to make the biggest leap in online security for all your important accounts,” he says. And after a year that’s seen unprecedented ransomware attacks and hacking, what do you have to lose? Our favorite photographs from 2021 […]

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