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Health systems, care delivery groups, Amazon launch hospital-at-home initiative


A new advocacy group called Moving Health Home launched on Wednesday, bringing together some heavy hitters – major health systems, care delivery services and technology vendors – who say they want to effect a shift in thinking about treating patients at home, and want to adjust reimbursement models accordingly.

Founding members of this coalition include Amazon Care, Ascension, Dispatch Health, Elara Caring, Intermountain Healthcare, Home Instead, Landmark Health and Signify Health.

Together, these organizations want to “fundamentally change the way policymakers think about the home as a site of clinical service,” they said in announcing Moving Health Home.

They noted that the upsurge in virtual adoption over the past year has shown not only that Americans have an appetite for at-home care, but that the data has borne out its feasibility, safety and efficacy.

Telehealth, remote patient monitoring, digital therapeutics, provider home visits, sharable medical records have “shown that care in the home can be at least equivalent to, if not better than, care offered in facilities.”
Now, they said, it’s time to “change reimbursement models and the culture around institutional care to allow for Americans to choose their home as a site of care.”Among the group’s policy priorities: […]

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