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Healthcare Biometrics Month: How Biometric Patient ID Can Save Money and Lives


For reasons that are all too obvious, the topic of healthcare has been top of mind for many people around the globe over the past year. That’s why our first in-depth feature for Healthcare Biometrics Month last week looked squarely at how biometric technology was being used to directly address the conditions of the COVID-19 pandemic, from biometric wearables that can detect the early signs of infection to biometrics-backed immunity credentials.

Having addressed the elephant in the room, this week we’re turning to a healthcare trend that has been consistently rising in prominence in recent years, and is likely to accelerate in the wake of COVID-19: biometric patient identification. Improving Outcomes

In the hospital and other clinical settings, patient identification is a matter of critical importance. Patients must be accurately identified in order to access the right healthcare records, and this poses a serious challenge in situations in which patients are unable to identify themselves due to incapacitation or confusion.

Biometrics offer a compelling answer. Tying a patient’s records to biometric data means that they can be reliably identified and matched to the correct documentation under virtually any circumstances. A Credence ID solution developed for a universal healthcare program in […]

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