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Healthcare costs are making America sick: Here’s what we can do about it


Healthcare costs are making America sick—financially and physically. While the numbers vary depending on the study, the conclusion can’t be ignored: Cost is a primary reason people avoid or delay care, even when they are insured. In fact, a recent NIH report found that 45% of respondents reported either delaying or avoiding care due to cost.

People are balancing fear of the unknown, concerns about unaffordability and the reality of near-term costs with the potential long-term negative impacts of not receiving care. Knowing that nearly 1 in 5 Americans have medical debt ( about 18%, according to a study published in JAMA ) and other troubling statistics do not help people trust they can afford care, and rightfully so. Medical debt is the single largest cause of bankruptcy in America, according to the National Consumer Law Center . These delays in care have real-world consequences, affecting health outcomes. In fact, one-third admit they’ve had a condition become more serious because they put off receiving care.

This creates an opportunity for plans to help members reduce care avoidance and work with their providers to help prescribe price transparency. We must address the importance the cost of care plays in our well-being and […]

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