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Healthcare cybersecurity: How to prevent the compromise of patient records?


Year after year, the number of data breaches affecting entities in the healthcare industry rises, and 2020 was no exception . The 616 data breaches reported this past year to the US Department of Health & Human Services (DHHS) have resulted in the exposure / compromise of 28,756,445 healthcare records.

Most of these breaches were caused by hackers and improper IT security, as ransomware gangs continue to target organizations whose security has been stretched thin even more than usual. Rick Kuwahara, Paubox “Cybercriminals have used the pandemic as a gateway to access protected health information (PHI),” says Rick Kuwahara , COO and Chief Compliance Officer of Paubox.

“The effects of Covid-19, including hospitals at capacity and employee strain, have left the healthcare industry especially vulnerable. Some of the biggest threats to PHI include phishing and ransomware attacks, but also human error, a lag in network security, and blind spots in email encryption.” Protecting PHI

In the US, the use of protected health information (PHI) is governed by the HIPAA Privacy Rule , which allows covered entities and their business associates to use and disclose PHI without a patient’s consent if it’s for treatment and payment for care and, depending on who […]

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