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Healthcare Entrepreneurs Educate The Next Generation Of Providers


Healthcare looks to understand burnout and alternative pursuits. getty The world continues to churn at unexpected rates of speed and consequences impacting society at multiple levels. The pandemic has served as the impetus to change professional course. It could be argued that the die had been cast long before the pandemic. Families, schools, and governance have been throttled into new rhythms and practices.

Healthcare, as an industry, played a central role in applying a systematic tourniquet to stave off the pandemic. The impact of that seismic effort might be felt for generations to come as the ‘Great Resignation’ does not appear to discriminate amongst professional fields.

Much like the education sector, with the fallout in the wake of the ‘ Big Quit ,’ the healthcare industry is experiencing similar burnout. According to recent survey results reported by the American Medical Association (AMA), one in five physicians indicate they will likely leave their current practice within two years. In addition, one in three doctors and health professionals intend to reduce work hours in the next 12 months.

Adding to the results are even more pronounced statistics from a Forbes article citing a Clinician of the Future global report on the stressors affecting the […]

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