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Healthcare: How to Work Out Without Excuses



It’s all-too-common for those embarking on a regular exercise routine to skip a planned workout for one reason or another. Here are some of the most common excuses that people make not to exercise, along with some solutions to overcome these challenges: “I need low-impact exercises.” Many traditional workouts are tough on joints, which over time, can cause overuse injuries or exacerbate existing conditions. To achieve your fitness goals pain-free, consider low-impact exercises such as yoga, swimming and elliptical machines.

“I don’t have the space to work out at home.” Whether you live in a small apartment or just can’t dedicate too much space to a home gym, there’s good news. Certain manufacturers of exercise equipment have your back and are developing versatile, sleek fitness equipment to address your needs. At less than 23 pounds, the Cubii Total Body+ (available now for pre-order) is a good example of a compact machine offering a low-impact, approachable and achievable workout that targets everything from abs and arms to quads and calves. With a low-impact motion, you can hit eight key muscle groups using one machine. Its elliptical component features 12 resistance levels that can be adjusted from your phone, and its […]

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