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Healthcare in America is failing the people who need it most. It’s time for change


Photo illustration by Zoë Petersen My experiences dealing with the health care systems here in the U.S. can be summed up in two words: expensive and complicated.

Although I have always been stringent about taking care of my health, I was diagnosed with an unexpected and debilitating autoimmune disease in early adulthood that has forever changed the way I live and how I look at health care and our systems for managing it.

Whether it is the hours I spend battling with insurance providers on the phone about which aspects of my health care are actually covered and at what rate, or the time going back and forth from speaking to my doctor and then to the pharmacy and then to insurance and then back to the pharmacy and doctor again to make sure everyone is on the same page, dealing with the disjointed health care entities in the U.S. that all play a role in my care feels like a time-consuming nightmare.

The amount of time alone it takes to ensure that those charged with guarding my health and interests (i.e., health insurance companies) are actually doing so , rather than just taking my money and giving little in return, is […]

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