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Healthcare Investors: Here’s What You Need to Know About Medical Marijuana

When GW Pharmaceuticals ‘ ( NASDAQ:GWPH ) cannabidiol-based drug, Epidiolex, came onto the pharmaceutical scene, cannabis investors rejoiced. Jazz Pharmaceuticals ( NASDAQ:JAZZ ) recently announced plans to acquire GW Pharma, and to bring its seizure treatment into a larger portfolio of drugs. Epidiolex is just one example of how marijuana can be used to treat serious conditions. Clearly, the healthcare industry and its investors are waking up to the possibilities of cannabis as a medical solution.

But what can cannabis companies offer investors that players in the existing healthcare industry can’t? Dr. Chanda Macias is a medical cannabis advocate, researcher, and dispensary owner. She joined Olivia Zitkus and Corinne Cardina on a March 19 episode of Fool Live to the benefits that cannabis companies could bring to patients — and to healthcare investors’ portfolios. 10 stocks that could be the biggest winners of the stock market crash

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