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Healthcare Leaders React to New Cybersecurity Concerns


The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center hasn’t seen an uptick in cyberattacks as a result of the Russian invasion of Ukraine just yet, but that and other threats are keeping security experts on their toes these days


With cybersecurity a top concern in healthcare, health system leaders are focused on protecting, detecting, containing, and restoring systems.

Zero trust techniques help, but there is always a balance between security and employee productivity.

The “human firewall” mindset informs security awareness training of employees.

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has heightened concerns about cyberattacks worldwide, including in the US, where the Cybersecurity & Infrastructure Security Agency issued a Shields Up warning to the private sector, including healthcare organizations.In this conversation with HealthLeaders , Phyllis Teate r, chief information officer at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center , discusses best practices and steps that healthcare organizations can take to strengthen their cybersecurity strategies. This interview has been edited lightly for clarity and brevity. HealthLeaders: What’s your assessment of the mood of cybersecurity officers such as yourself, given that we’re more than two months into the war and everyone remains on edge about maybe there’s a bigger cyber threat just around the corner? […]

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