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Healthcare Mismanagement Found as the Cause of Sex-Differences In Chronic Kidney Disease


Human kidney cross section on scientific background Sex differences in chronic kidney disease have puzzled researchers for years. Although women are more likely to suffer from chronic kidney disease than men, men are more likely to receive aggressive treatments. For years, researchers have speculated that this is due to women choosing more conservative treatments or men having a more rapid deterioration in kidney function. But new research shows that bias in the healthcare setting may be to blame.

A new study , published in the Journal of the American Society of Nephrology , shows that there are major discrepancies in the way women with known or suspected kidney disease are managed in the healthcare setting in Sweden. The study finds that women were less likely than men to receive a diagnosis, visit a nephrologist, have their creatinine and albuminuria measured and receive guideline-recommended therapies. The findings shed new light on bias in the healthcare system.

“We were expecting to find small or no disparities in how men and women were managed, because guidelines do not make distinctions by sex. Instead, we observed profound differences in the detection workup and management of chronic kidney disease suggesting suboptimal care among women. Surprisingly, these […]

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