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Healthcare organizations implementing zero trust to tackle cyberattacks

It is widely known that the healthcare industry is a primary target for cyberattack, with increasingly sophisticated and highly-motivated adversaries seeking to exploit both human and technological vulnerabilities more frequently than ever before. Adopting a zero trust architecture enables healthcare organizations to reduce the risks of ransomware, outdated vendor firmware and unsecured services To better defend their networks, systems, and devices from an ongoing barrage of attack techniques, healthcare organizations are increasingly turning to zero trust architecture , which does away with the traditional security perimeter, assuming that every user and every device on the network could potentially be malicious.

Cynerio concludes the three most common threats affecting healthcare organizations today are: Ransomware – widely prevalent in connected healthcare environments due to outdated and unpatched operating systems in myriad devices

Outdated vendor firmware – many devices run embedded operating systems which are even less frequently updated than consumer OS’, and vulnerabilities, such as Ripple20 and URGENT/11, are not well known

Unsecured services – devices commonly ship with open communications protocols, like Telnet, FTP or HTTP, which are not authenticated and contain vulnerabilities, such as Telnet or HTTP ports with no authentication

Vendor firmware vulnerabilities drive significant risk

Vendor firmware presents […]

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