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Healthcare Policy Under the Biden Administration: Key Takeaways


Bass, Berry & Sims attorney Angela Humphreys—Chair of the Healthcare Practice and Co-Chair of the Healthcare Private Equity Team—sat down virtually with Paul Keckley—a healthcare policy analyst, industry expert and Managing Editor of The Keckley Report —to discuss the anticipated healthcare policy changes under the Biden administration and what impact these changes could have on the healthcare industry.

Keckley expects the Biden administration to pursue incremental policy shifts. The environment is not politically ripe for sweeping changes, he said, although toward the end of this decade, the aging of the population and other factors may align for change on the scale of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Biden’s Healthcare Priorities

The Biden administration will have to balance the desire to expand healthcare access with a growing federal budget deficit and many large, competing interests, such as pandemic relief and climate initiatives. Keckley sees four healthcare priorities for the administration: Access to care: To insure more people, the administration will pursue greater subsidies for people buying coverage on health insurance exchanges set up by the ACA, further Medicaid expansion, and a “public option” plan on the ACA exchanges.

Affordability: Competition policy (see below) and more transparency are the most likely policy […]

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